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Protecting your vehicle from the harsh Canadian climate and avoiding the dreaded morning snow and ice removal routine, is arguably the biggest reason people here build garages.

There are however, many other reasons that a well-designed and well-built garage / workshop will benefit you and also add value to your home.

First and foremost, a garage protects your vehicle.  By storing your vehicle in a garage, you are protecting it from damage, vandalism, and wear-and-tear caused by the everyday weather. People spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on car maintenance every year. While a garage is a big initial investment, you will make up a large portion of that cost by minimizing car repair costs over time.

Asides from having a guaranteed safe place to park each night, a well-designed garage is a great place to have organised storage.  Today, there are so many clever storage options available that make the best use of the space you have for the stuff you have.  Our design team can help guide you through some of these options and we also custom build storage solutions as well.

A well designed garage is also great for having as a multifunctional room, whether it's for entertaining guests or having as a hobby space, we can incorporate clever interchangeable storage and functional features to make seamless transitions between one event and the next.

Loft spaces have become increasingly popular, they are a great way to add more usable space, whether it's for extra storage, a yoga studio, or even an income suite to earn some extra cash.  The cost per sq. ft. is often slightly less for developing above the garage compared to other areas in the home.

Considering all of the benefits of having a garage, it's no surprise that adding more amenities such as heating, plumbing, a loft etc. will further increase the value of the home, so it's well worth considering the extra investment of taking your garage a bit further than just a shell.  On average, a basic garage adds 13% onto the value of a home, and also makes it much more desirable to potential buyers or renters.  A more developed garage, especially with an income suite in the loft, will add a whole lot more.

At the lower end of the price scale is a garage / workshop with 2x4 framed walls, basic electrical and lighting, vinyl siding and an asphalt shingle roof, no insulation or wall board inside.  Basically a weather-tight shell to keep out the elements.

A mid-range garage may be the same as above, but might have tin on the roof and / or siding, insulated walls and heated.  It may also have plumbing and HVAC, LED lighting and some basic storage options. They also have finished walls, usually either drywall, OSB or tin.  2x6 framed walls are also more common, especially if it's heated.  They can also have basic lofts basic lofts or living spaces above.

High-end garages usually have in-floor radiant heat with finished floors, either tile, polished concrete or some other suitable types of flooring or concrete finishes.

They may have custom built or high-end off-the-shelf storage options with multi-functional transitional elements.  They often have high-end overhead doors with premium designs and finishes.  

They may have lofts with apartments above, along with hydraulic vehicle lifts or even the whole floor can lift up or go down to create more space.

There really is a huge amount of choice when it comes to building your dream garage / workshop, and we are here to help design and build one that will work best you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Contact us today and book a complimentary consultation with one of our team.

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